Workshop Websites, an initiative by Workshop Software Pty Ltd, has been launched this month, and the response has been overwhelming.

With 30 years experience dealing with Automotive Mechanical Workshop Businesses, we’ve identified key issues with Workshops not keep up with modern, online business practices, something that will ultimately be very detrimental to any mechanical Workshop business.

That’s why was created.

“Business is moving online” said James Mitchell, CEO of Workshop Software. “We see so many workshops that either have no web presence at all, or have what I call a business card website. It has name, phone and address, with hardly any other useful information. This is painful for me to see, I have a personal mission of empowering Aftermarket Mechanical Workshops and the current state of many workshops means that they are dis-empowered, rather than em-powered.”  James said.

“So I decided to do something about it, and that’s how Workshop Websites came about. You see, you don’t need any technical skills to have a great website, we can create that for you. I also wanted it to be simple and cost effective, and I believe that’s what we’ve got. For a small up-front set-up fee, and a low monthly fee that covers the website, hosting and email hosting, you can get a modern, mobile responsive, awesome looking website.” added James

“The mobile responsive part is really important. This means that the website is displayed properly on a mobile device. The website “moves” to adapt to the size of the screen.”

“With over 46% of searchers using mobile, this is critical. If people search for you on a mobile device, then are presented with an “old school” non-responsive site, they will often simply click back and go to your competitor. And this will only get more and more important as time goes on.”

“There are many other reasons to get a modern website, you don’t want to be left behind. Basically, what is, and will, happen is that those businesses with effective, simple, easy to understand websites will get more business over their competitors who have less impressive sites.”

“I want to bring this industry into the 21st century, and help businesses to be more competitive and profitable. In today’s challenging business world, it’s critical.”

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