If you’re thinking about ordering your website but unsure what happens next, well here are the simple steps:

  • Firstly, you’ll start by ordering the site by filling out the details here: Get My Website
  • Once you’ve done that, one of the team at Workshop Websites will be in touch with you. They will then send you a simple list of questions which will be used to create your website. We need simple things like your company name, address and contact details. We also need info on what kind of work and services you offer, and maybe come pictures that could be added to the site (your logo is helpful).
  • We will ask you what general layout you’d like to choose. Many details of this can be changed such as colours, pictures, information etc, but the underlying design will basically stay the same.
  • We will ask you what name you want the website to be. This is the “domain name” which will be used for your site. We will either order this domain for you, if it’s new, or if you have an existing domain name, we will need to change some of the technical details.
  • Once we get the information about your business, we’ll start building your site. Normally, this will be done within about 7 days. We will provide a link to a “test” location for the site, then once you’re happy with the look and feel of the site, we will load it onto your live site.
  • We will ensure that the site is set-up correctly for best performance for Google to find your site. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We will put in the appropriate information to best help you get the highest possible ranking on google.
  • We will also set-up email addresses for you.

It’s as simple as that. Basically you provide us with the information you want on the site, and we go and build it for you.