Premium Car Service
If you own a prestige automotive driving machine or a family station wagon you should receive the same level of service when you book in for a car repair. That is where The Work Shop Automotive Service Centre comes in. With our experienced mechanics we have you covered. At the workshop we specialise in all [...] Read more ›
Car Fleet Servicing
The Workshop Automotive Service Centre can service fleets of all sizes from cars and vans through to light commercial. Offering Quality Service without the Price Tag is what we do. Creating a Hassle free fleet car service designed to meet you budget and timeframe simply falls into place. Backed by our VACC accreditation, The work [...] Read more ›
Fixed Price Service
Our fixed price car services make life easy. You can choose from three different levels of servicing based on your particular need, and you’ll know upfront exactly what you’re going to pay. So, if you don’t need to stick to your car manufacturer’s preferred servicing schedule, or if your car is older, then fixed price [...] Read more ›
Log Book Service
All our Log Book services are performed as per the factory schedules. This ensures that your warranty will be maintained regardless of the vehicle. When dealing with car services on makes such as BMW, Mini, Volvo or any European car only original parts and lubricants are used as per the service handbook requirements.   How [...] Read more ›
Major Car Service
The Workshop - Best Service Without Big Price Tags. Have you recently been greeted with a rude shock when you picked up your car up from mechanic? Ever wondered exactly why something so simple takes so long - and costs so much? The car repair experts at The Workshop did too. The Workshop offers car [...] Read more ›
Minor Car Service
Our professional minor servicing consists of removing all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. The brakes will also be adjusted if required. The under body is then inspected including exhaust system, steering as well as suspension. The engine oil and filters will be replaced, Inspect & top fluid levels, Check air & fuel filters, [...] Read more ›